Here’s a great value package to get you started on your guitar without spending a fortune. The most important thing about guitars is realizing that you really do want to play one. But you will never know until you try. So why not make it easy and affordable with a GWL all-in-one guitar package?

Washburn Guitars Logo
The Washburn brand was founded in 1883 in Chicago.

Washburn is second only to Martin guitars in North America from a guitar building longevity standpoint. The original factory for Washburn was a step away from Maxwell Street – the starting point for the Chicago Delta Blues movement.

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Your high value GWL guitar package has been carefully put together to introduce you to a Washburn heritage. Once you commit yourself to playing regularly, we know that you will want to upgrade and add to your guitar collection. Every great player does this. And it comes with experience. The kind of high quality experience and customer support that Washburn

complete all-in-one guitar package
Acoustic & Electric guitar
These are genuine Washburn guitars - one of North America's longest established makers.
Electric Amplifier
The Electric Guitar Pack comes equipped with a portable 10-watt amplifier helping to produce clear and clean sound while providing excellent performance.
GWL Fiited gig bag
Fitted Gig Bag
Keep your guitar safe with the added fitted gig bag - easily a $25 value on its own. Used for easily transport and storing not just your guitar but all you're accessories.
GWL Guitar Stands
Guitar Stands
Both guitar packages include a folding stand allowing you to safely store your guitar whether at home or on stage.
GWL Electronic Clip-on Tuners
Electronic Clip-on Tuner
The electric tuner remains an essential tool for guitarists - not only does it help you tune up your own instrument, it ensures you're in tune with the rest of the band, too.
GWL Electronic Strings
Pre-strung with D’Addario strings, one set of replacement strings comes in each GWL package.
GWL Guitar Picks
Guitar picks are the easiest things to lose so you'll have 3 included to start.
GWL Guitar Strap
The attached nylon guitar strap is an important accessory for proper guitar playing position and posture - especially while standing.
GWL Guitar Cable
Use this quality guitar cable to connects your electric guitar to your amp and fill your garage, home, or a grand auditorium with power-filled sound.